CBT Thought Record

This tool is a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy technique, designed to help steer the mind away from emotionally dominated processes, and que up logical/linear parts of the brain. When we react to situations and events our emotions can become so strong it overrides all logic. When using this tool, start from the far-left column and work your way to the right. Many people report reduction in symptom severity with things like anxiety, depression, anger, etc.

Cognitive Distortion Checklist

Cognitive Distortions are part of the foundation of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. These distortions are ten of the most common patterns of thinking, which are predominately driven from emotional reactions. Use the checklist to identify negative patterns you are experiencing in your life right now.

David Burns – The Feeling Good Handbook

David Burns self-help book: “The Feeling Good Handbook” is an excellent tool to help build better coping skills.

Feeling Good Handbook