Meet Dan

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Renton, WA providing services for adults and couples. I have worked in various positions over my twenty plus years in human and social services, including social work with the homeless and volunteer refugee mentor for over eight years. I have worked in private practice as a mental health therapist for over ten years, and enjoy working alongside clients to help them reach their goals.

My passions are spending time with my wife, son and dog while making memories and having adventures. Hobbies include running, biking, hiking and watching sports. Fun fact, I hope to build a cabin by hand one day!

Buchanan Family
Buchanan Family

Dan’s Philosophy

I provide client-centered and humanistic counseling & therapy services for individuals. I follow the philosophy that we are all human beings, facing human problems. The aim of treatment is to reach stability, happiness in everyday life, and move closer toward the client’s goals. This happens through making change, and changing the way we view our lives.

My experience includes working with adults, children, teens and families on a variety of challenges such as: depression, family conflict, anxiety, ADHD, bipolar, grief & loss, PTSD, and caregiver support to name a few. I utilize an eclectic mix of modalities tailored to each individual.