Mouse and the Lion – Aesop’s Fable

The Mouse and The Lion
The Mouse and The Lion - Image from the Library of Congress

A mouse once woke a lion in his lair, where the lion become so upset, he seized the mouse with the intent to kill it.

The mouse, terrified, begged for his life, “Please let me go, and one day I will repay you for your kindness.” The idea of such an insignificant creature ever being able to do so amused the lion so much he laughed and good-humoredly let it go.

Later, the lion became trapped in a net spread for game by hunters and the mouse recognized his roars of anger and came to the spot. Without more ado, it set to work in gnawing the ropes with its teeth, and succeeded in doing so.

“There!” said the mouse, “You laughed at me when I promised to repay you. But now you see, even a mouse can help a lion.”

Town Mouse and Country Mouse – Aesop’s Fable

The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse
The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse - Image from the Library of Congress

Town Mouse and Country Mouse were acquaintances, and one day the Country Mouse invited his old friend to visit his home in the fields.

Country Mouse served barley corn and roots for dinner, which was not much to the taste of the guest, “My poor dear friend, you live here no better than ants! You must come stay with me, and I promise you, you shall live off the fat of the land.”

Country Mouse visited his friend, and Town Mouse showed him a pantry containing flour, oatmeal, figs, honey and dates. The Country Mouse had never seen anything like it and sat down to enjoy the luxuries his friend promised.

But before eating, someone entered the room and the mice were forced to hide in an uncomfortably small hole. This continued throughout the meal.

Country Mouse then announced, “Good-bye. I’m off. You live in the lap of luxury, I can see, but you are surrounded by dangers; whereas at home I can enjoy my simple dinner of roots and corn in peace.”