About us

Dan Buchanan Professional Picture

Dan Buchanan earned a Master’s Degree in Psychology from LIOS Graduate College in Kirkland. While finishing his Master’s Degree, he completed a clinical internship at Renton Youth and Family Services providing child, adolescent, family and group therapy. Staying educated on the most current trainings, studies, and literature in psychology and psychotherapy is of the utmost importance to Dan and is part of his ongoing commitment to provide the best quality of service for his clients. Dan also works on the east side providing counseling and case management for the homeless, and mentoring refugee families in King County.

Dan’s theoretical approach involves a blend of humanistic and existential psychology. Humanistic psychology follows the thought that each person is a unique human being, with the innate understanding of the self, which is so important in driving the therapeutic process. Existential psychology underlines the importance of personal responsibility, choice, and assigning meaning to ones life. Dan uses a variety of psychotherapeutic techniques such as: systems theory, solution focused therapy, structural family therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy. All of these make up an eclectic mix of theories and techniques which best fits the uniqueness of each client.